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About Clancy & Wohlsen Construction

Honesty, Reliability, and Superior Craftsmanship.

As a general contractor, we understand that construction is more than simply following drawings and making sure a structure is up to code. It’s about making your vision come to life. This means that details are as important as the end result – the way joints are placed together, the careful installation of materials to showcase their beauty, the final brush stroke that finishes a project.
From concept to completion, we take the time to make sure each milestone is met with the highest level of craftsmanship and professionalism. We stand behind our work, warranty every job, and make sure our clients are involved every step of the way.


In order to succeed in the construction industry, a general contractor must integrate superior craftsmanship, experience, and dedication within the company’s culture. But a contractor is only as good as his team — and we are committed to hiring experienced professionals who share in our commitment to quality.

We believe that teamwork, integrity, honesty, and attention to detail each step of the way, makes the best construction environment for everyone — which ultimately leads to greater customer satisfaction.


We’re determined to be the best general contractor and custom home builders in Nationwide, and we look forward to working with you to make your dream a reality. Learn more about our residential, commercial, and structural engineering services, or contact our team today.

  • Friendly and caring staff
  • Clean, safe and organized job site
  • Noticeably detailed finish work
  • 2 million general liability insurance
  •  Full workers compensation
  • 96% on time completion record

We have built our business from the ground up with the help of a steady stream of referrals from satisfied and repeating customers. With over 5,000 completed jobs of both small and large scale, Canales Construction has earned the reputation as one of USA premiere go to contractors.

Our focus is on providing excellent service and quality workmanship for all clients. From the start of estimating, through the rough construction phase we maintain full control ensuring that every stage of the way is done with detail. In the end we deliver a space that is warm, clean, stylish, and contemporary.